CMC-­Cor­pora 2017 @ Eurac Research

Octo­ber, 3-4th 2017

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CMC and Social Media Cor­pora for the Human­it­ies is the 5th edi­tion of an annual con­fer­ence series ded­ic­ated to the col­lec­tion, annota­tion, pro­cessing and exploit­a­tion of cor­pora of com­puter­-­me­di­ated com­mu­nic­a­tion (CMC) and social media for research in the human­it­ies. The con­fer­ence brings together lan­guage-­centered research on CMC and social media in lin­guist­ics, philo­lo­gies, com­mu­nic­a­tion sci­ences, media and social sci­ences with research ques­tions from the fields of cor­pus and com­pu­ta­tional lin­guist­ics, lan­guage tech­no­logy, text tech­no­logy, and machine learning.

The con­fer­ence will include a post-­con­fer­ence workshop on using the TEI for annot­at­ing CMC and social media resources (4 Octo­ber). The con­fer­ence will be fol­lowed by the 4th Learner Cor­pus Research Conference and its pre­ced­ing con­fer­ence work­shop, which will both be held at the same venue from 4-7 October.

Eurac Research
Eurac Research

The Insti­tute for Spe­cial­ised Com­mu­nic­a­tion and Mul­ti­lin­gual­ism aims to provide sci­entific answers to cur­rent issues of lan­guage and edu­ca­tion policy as well as to eco­nomic and social ques­tions at local and inter­na­tional level.

It is part of Eurac Research, an innov­at­ive centre for research and train­ing based in South Tyr­ol, Ita­ly. This private research centre foun­ded in 1992 today hosts an inter­na­tional com­munity of research­ers. Inter­dis­cip­lin­ary teams con­duct research in four main sub­ject areas: auto­nom­ies, health, moun­tains and technologies.

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How to use TEI for the annota­tion of CMC and social media resources: a prac­tical intro­duc­tion Octo­ber 4th, 2017, 14:30–18:00, Eurac Research, Italy The goal of the event is to give a prac­tical intro­duc­tion into the annota­tion of lan­guage data fr... con­tinue reading