Event schedule

Import­ant Dates

1st June 21st June   Sub­mis­sion deadline
5th July 21st July 31st July   Noti­fic­a­tion of acceptance
5th August 21st August   Sub­mis­sion of cam­er­a-ready version
3rd & 4th October   Conference
5th October   Post-­con­fer­ence work­shop (CLARIN Workshop)

Octo­ber 02

Pre-­Con­fer­ence Evening
Pre­lim­in­ary Sched­ule (Pre-­Con­fer­ence Gathering)

Pre-­Con­fer­ence Gathering

Octo­ber 03

Pre­lim­in­ary Sched­ule (Sessions)


Pre­lim­in­ary Sched­ule (So­cial Get-Together)

Social Get-­To­gether with local dishes and drinks at Batznhäusl.

Octo­ber 04

CMC-­Con­fer­ence (Half Day)
Pre­lim­in­ary Sched­ule (Sessions)


LCR Pre-­Con­fer­ence Work­shop and Recep­tion in hon­our of Sylvi­ane Granger

Fea­tures a series of invited speak­ers whose work has greatly con­trib­uted to the devel­op­ment of Learner Cor­pus Research. Read more
Regis­tra­tion: €15 for the LCR 2017 Pre-­Con­fer­ence Work­shop and Recep­tion (without attend­ing the LCR 2017 Conference).

Octo­ber 05

CLARIN User Involve­ment Event: How to use TEI for the annota­tion of CMC and social media resources
LCR Keynote

Stefania Spina: Learner­ ­Cor­pus Re­search and the ac­quis­i­tion of Itali­an as a second lan­guage:  the case of the Longitudinal Corpus of Chinese Learners of Italian (LoCCLI).

Pre­lim­in­ary Sched­ule (In­tro­duc­tion to text encod­ing in the TEI (TEI-P5))
  • Har­ald Lüngen

  • Michael Beißwenger

Pre­lim­in­ary Sched­ule (Cof­fee Break)

The best time to talk with speak­ers and attendees

Pre­lim­in­ary Sched­ule (Hand­s-on ses­sion: Using TEI for rep­res­ent­ing CMC/so­cial media data)
  • Har­ald Lüngen

  • Laura Herzberg